“Together, Taiko and Gauge provide software developers, IT leaders, and their organizations’ reliable test automation — which is the backbone for continuous delivery,” — Mansi Shah, Managing Director and Head of Operations, ThoughtWorks Products.

Source: taiko.dev

Before Starting, I would like to answer some of the questions which you might be thinking of.

  1. Can I setup taiko and gauge easily and fast? — Yes
  2. Are these free to use? — Absolutely
  3. Can I do end-to-end testing of my web application? — A big YES

In this article, I will provide a basic understanding of how we can use taiko and gauge to…

Most of the Automation Engineer thinks Cypress as a powerful alternative to the Selenium Web driver to automate the testing of web application. But, it’s power is not limited to only that, It is also well capable of automating REST API testing.

In this article, I will explain you with the example how we can use cypress to automate the testing of REST API with some best practices. But before starting it, we must have some basic understanding about cy.request()


It make a HTTP request which makes us possible to automate the testing of API

cy.request(url, body)
cy.request(method, url)
cy.request(method, url…

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